What are the steps to set up your own snack program using Lane Jumper… from novice to advanced!

These are the steps you would follow to set up and launch a snack program at your workplace

1. Register as an Operator at Lane Jumper so you can create your account:

  • Go to Lane Jumper and click on ‘Register’, and fill out the information requested
  • Because you get special pricing, be sure to input the code provided when prompted:
  • Also, because we collect, and then direct deposit your employees purchases on a weekly basis, minus fees, be sure to provide your bank account and routing number on the form.
  • Finally, approve terms and click on Register. You will then receive a confirmation email that shows you your pricing and asks you to input a password.

2. Create a snack station by clicking on ‘Add Market’

  • Fill out the relevant information
  • If you would like to give some funds to your employees as soon as they download the app, go ahead and put a number in the field: ‘Peak Account Balance’. If not, leave blank.
  • If you would like to give your employees the option of deducting their balances using their future payroll, click on Enable Payroll Deduct. Selecting this will show ‘Pay with Payroll Deduct’ as a payment option in the shopping cart. If not, do not click.
  • When done, click ‘Add Market’

3. Now you are ready to input the products you would like to sell. *

  • Click on Import Products, and browse to find the xcel file with your products.
  • To see the format of this file, please download a sample as shown.
  • Once the file is imported you can see the products in the Products tab.

4. Now, you are ready to invite your employees to download the app and start purchasing

  • Go to the ‘Markets’ tab and select the ‘Market Link’ from the table.
  • Forward this link to your employees so they can register for Lane Jumper and download
  • They will also register their existing PayPal account, or create a new PayPal account.
  • They are now ready to scan and purchase.