Office Self-Service

Manage your own snack service for your office, Lane Jumper gives you the tools to do that.

With Lane Jumper, you can:

  1. Source your own great and unique products, locally, or from traditional distributors
  2. Set your own prices, share snack and food program costs, and still give them an incredible deal
  3. Stop relying on vending companies or snack delivery services

Lane Jumper lets you take control of managing inventory and payments for your office snacks.

save office snack moneyYou buy and put up for sale the snacks you and your employees really want, you source the food items!

  • No more significant office snack expenses
  • No more huge vending mark-ups
  • No more remote management by vending operators or snack box providers
  • No more vendor or payment issues
  • Now…you and your employees are 100% in the driver’s seat in terms of choosing your snacks

By the way, we will send you a complimentary snack box to get started. Click here to learn more. CHECK THIS OUT: Click here for a day in a life of your employee Pricing: Input the following code at Registration to receive special pricing: self-serv-spec-snak

  • Weekly support fee: $35.00
  • Percentage of sales processed: 0%

Easy Steps to Sign-up:

  • Register at & provide bank account details to deposit your weekly sales
  • Create a store by clicking on ‘Add Market’, and we will send you a Lane Jumper demo video
  • Receive a complimentary snack box to get started right away.
  • Send store link to your employees so they can download the Lane Jumper app

Now…your employees are ready to purchase. And don’t worry… we can walk you through every step; and, we will send you an instructional video. Call (866) 210-0592, or email: Click here to learn more To make it easy for you to get started, we are happy to send you a complimentary starter snack box, at no cost, which is a mix of popular mix of bars, granola & trail mix, chips, jerky and other items. Please note that our goal is not to profit from snack sales, but rather, have you up-and-running and sourcing your own snacks and fresh foods for your employees. After you have Registered for Lane Jumper and created a store through ‘Add Market’, we will send you the box and upload the product information for you into your account, you set the prices. Then, we will call you directly to help you through the rest!

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