Setting up and managing your own office snack and fresh food program, without outside vendors.

There are a number of great reasons to set up your own office snack program. But before we start, what does this mean? Well, it means that you find, on your own, the snacks you want to offer to your employees. Many employers do this. Usually they go get great snacks from places like Costco and Sam’s Club, for example. Of course, what then happens, the employer ends up paying for all of the food, as they have no way to charge individual employees for purchases; and, the employer also has no great visibility as to what is popular with employees, product inventory levels and how much is invested into the program.

Of course, a snack management program like Lane Jumper solves all of this, and more. That’s because the system allows the employer to manage all products, set prices, and facilitate payments. It also has reporting at the ‘snack store’ level, the snack-level and employee-level. So, you know exactly what is sold; and by the way, when snacks are due for restocking. And, a good system will allow you to manage multiple snack stations in your location, and track each separately, which is really handy if you need a snack station on the top floor, at the warehouse, and then another across the street, for example. Plus, a good snack management system will put your employees first. This means that the purchasing experience is top notch. This starts with letting you brand your employee snack purchasing mobile application with your company logo. Plus, it also gives your employees the ability to pay with a number of convenient ways; including, cash (that’s right, ask us how!), PayPal, payroll deduct, and virtual account.

But, back to the title of the article, why would you want to in the first place?
Why would you bother having to source your own food, and manage your own snack program. Here are a few reasons.

1. Freedom and independence from snack providers and the issues that have always come with them, for example, technical breakdowns, lack of reliability and responsiveness to your office individual needs. Now, you have the opportunity to offer your employees the food items they are really asking for, what makes them happy!

2. Because you will save money! And simultaneously give your employees a great deal on snacks! This is because if you can set your own prices, e.g. under cost, at cost, any level above-cost, then you are sharing the cost of the snack program with your employees, making them appreciate it a bit more (rather than getting it for free, if you are considering full subsidy); and anything under full retail, what a vending operator of snack box provider would charge, will be considered a great deal by your employees! They will appreciate you!

3. There will be a sense of ownership for the snack program. You are in this together. By the way, here is an idea. A client, charged slightly above cost for the snacks for 6 months, and the proceeds went to fund a great off-location office party! By the way, having the company-logo on the phone app to make purchases fits this spirit well.

Be the office Hero!