about-mobile-shoppingWhy Partner With Us

Because we were operators ourselves, we understand your business, and we designed our solution accordingly. We designed Lane Jumper with you in mind, your competitors, as well as those you are trying to win over; employees, facilities managers and HR staff.

We have designed Lane Jumper to maximize value to you; so that your sales, installation, investment and management of the micro market is more profitable, as well as easier and quicker to install. Our goal is to provide a solution that helps you sell more markets, and keep more profit from each location.

We Have a Better Solution:

With Patent Pending Lane Jumper, we developed a next generation self-service tool that greatly benefits you, your corporate customer, and employees.


If you are an Existing Vending and Micro Market Operator:

  • Start offering micro markets without the huge capital outlay
  • Keep more of your revenue
  • Expand sales opportunities to smaller locations, profitably
  • Cost effectively expand to multiple markets in the larger locations
  • Quickly set up as an operator and launch a market in record time


If you Manage a Cafeteria or a Deli at a Corporate Building:

  • Easily and cheaply expand your service to company by becoming a 24×7 operation
  • Be able to very affordably install multiple satellite micro markets within a large campus
  • Protect from other food service entrants to your location


If you are Retailer:

  • Offer a mobile payment solution to your customers, branded to you if you choose
  • Lower your costs by augmenting a self-service check out option
  • Greatly increase customer satisfaction by allowing a quick self-checkout option
  • We can work with you to integrate to your inventory and payments systems

If you are a Vending or Market Technology Provider or Franchisor:

  • Increase the options to your customers/franchisees and help them grow faster
  • Start to generate additional revenue faster, with no development time
  • Become a partner in our product roadmap and tailor technology to your needs

How you sign up and what to expect:

  • Register as a new operator, or retailer
  • You will receive a best practices document that explains in detail the entire process
  • Reach out to us for any guidance