Making a decision on office snacks and snack management.

phone-ljBecause our office mobile service is new and extremely unique, we have put together an actual scenario of a office manager that decided on Lane Jumpers office snacks solution. Tracy is an actual client and we have written out her experience making the best solution for her and the company.

Searching for the best office snack solution.

Tracy, the office manager of a technology company wanted to offer office snacks to the 45 employees of the company. Currently, they had a vending machine that had limited choices, were expensive, generally unhealthy, and often broken down. Not only that the vending machine was not very well stocked on a regular basis, not nice to look at, and offered very limited payment options.

Standard Office Snack Options:

Tracy knew she could either get a new vending machine provider, or hire a snack box company that would ship snacks periodically to the office, where she would pay in full for the box, at the price set by the snack company.

She really didn’t like any of these choices. For one, she did not want to subsidize the entire snack program for her employees; that is, they would pay $0. She wanted them to pay for part of the cost. Second, she wanted to be in control of being able to offer the snacks that her employees really wanted. Plus, she does not want to rely on a company on the other side of the country to determine this for her employees. And, frankly, dealing with another vendor did not thrill her.

Alternative office snack solution:

Interested in finding an alternative office solution, Tracy decided to do some research online. Keywords that came to mind were snack inventory management, office snack programs, office store manager, workplace snacks solution, and self-service snack mobile app.

She came across Lane Jumper, which looked perfect to her! Lane Jumper is a mobile application that could now help her manage her entire snack program the way she wants.

What does office snack inventory management really mean?

She decided to start with office snacks offered at the local Sam’s Club and Costco. She uploaded these products onto Lane Jumper, and chose the price she wanted employees to pay. It turns out that she decided to sell the products to the employees at cost. Which is a great idea because the snack program subsidizes itself, employees are less wasteful, and employees are still thrilled to pay such low prices! It was truly a win-win.

Then, she instructed employees to download the Lane Jumper app, register for PayPal, and they were ready to go!

Now, she can track what sells, what doesn’t, and make adjustments. And, what’s even better, she has become great at finding healthy, locally sourced snacks and fresh food for her employees. Yes, fresh food, she ended up including fresh sandwiches and salads delivered periodically to her office.

To Tracey’s surprise, she learned about the mobile management option to reward an employee, free-bucks into the employee’s virtual pre-paid account! Employees and managers love the instant reward program!

After weighing out the pros and cons with snack box services and vending machines, Tracey decided to choose Lane Jumper office snack solution. She is the office Hero!

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