What you need to manage your own office snack program?

Food, sure, see article of ‘Sourcing food for your office snack program’.

But you also need technology, and it needs to provide you the following advantages:

1. Basics features: It needs to allow you to manage your snack program inventory. In other words, you should be able to manage the different products, along with the cost, price, quantity ect. You should also be able to track what the sales are like for all of your inventory. This will help you determine what is selling, or not, and what you need to adjust. Also, you will want reporting that shows you what your snack program investment has been, and track employee usage. Most importantly, it needs to provide your employees with a way to purchase snacks, i.e. Lane Jumper provides a mobile payment application for Android and iPhone. And, it should provide a way for employees to pay through a variety of means, from cash to credit. Oh, and here is a big one: Go with a solution that lets you set your own prices. This is a great feature because, now, you are able to share the cost of the snack program with your employees, and they still can get an awesome deal!

2. Easy to use: The last thing you want to do is spend too much time trying to learn how to use a new system to manage your snack program. So, the new snack management program needs to be easy to use and intuitive. And, you need to make sure that the technology provides great support.

3. Affordable: Finally, and most definitely, you don’t want to pay too much for the service. After all, you are doing this for the benefit of your employees, not a technology vendor. So, make sure there is no upfront costs to set up the program, and that your monthly fees are low, e.g. under $100 and are dependent on the usage of the program by your employees.

These are 3 points to keep in mind when choosing a snack management systems for your company.