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How to manage your office snack services and save money.

We understand there are many standard office snack services and options to provide snacks for your business and or organization. One of the popular options is use a 3rd party company that manages a vending machine or micro market. This usually will consist of installing a vending machine, dealing with technical maintenance needs and paying for the marked up prices. Another option is using a snack delivery company that sounds like a good idea but the downfall could be contracts, snack packages that are not flexible with your staff needs and size.

Lane Jumper may be the best option for your business or organization that allow you to save money and manage office snacks exactly the way you need it for your employees. You can the power to choose your own snacks and set your own prices. Our snack inventory management mobile application has many options to choose from to keep selling and purchasing very simple.

As a business owner you can decide how an employee purchases office snacks. This includes from using our mobile app or take advantage of a payroll deduction feature, PayPal, and or a virtual pre-paid account. Keep track of the products your staff prefers and inventory purchases. Also, you can decide on the amount and price of snack items you sell. These are just some of the features our snack inventory management software provides.

Our snack service application is currently unique and stands out based on other snack options but also the reason Lane Jumper is becoming a popular trend in the workplace. You can sign up and register today.

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