Lane Jumper FAQ

What are the primary benefits of Lane Jumper?
  • Lane Jumper allows you, the Operator to quickly set up markets and submarkets, within minutes.
  • It is the most economical fee structure in the micro market vending industry.
  • It gives you flexibility, and cost-benefit, to set up multiple submarkets within one location
  • The ability to scan & go, gives user the maximum speed and flexibility in the micro market industry
  • It allows you, the operator, to break free from a Kiosk purchase, installation, and maintenance issues
How do I become an operator, set up a market and launch the market?

It can really take just minutes. This is how:

  • Register as a new market operator, or retailer: you can do this by clicking on the ‘Log-in’ in and ‘Set up a new account’. Here you just enter your name, address, logo (if you want it to appear on the app screen; some operators choose to put their clients’ logo, which impresses and personalizes the app to the client!). Also, you provide your bank routing and account details you that we can transfer your weekly sales, minus card interchange fees directly to your account. Lastly, if available, enter a Code to determine pricing. Once you do this, you will receive a Registration Email to activate your account and view fee schedule, and enter your log-in password. That’s it!
  • Set up a new market, or store: Once you are logged into your account, you click on Add Market to set up a new market. Here, you enter new Market location, contact, email, and other information. You are also prompted to make a payment for a new market; not for a submarket, up to four submarkets are free with the purchase of the license for the new market!
  • Upload your products: Here, you upload your products for the new market via an excel file. An example of this file is provided and easily filled out, and uploaded.
  • Launch your new market and invite employees to download their free payment apps: Finally, you send a link provided to you for each market to all employees at your new location, so they can register, and download the Lane Jumper app. The registration asks them for name and a password.
What kind of training and on-going support do you offer Operators?

As soon as you register as an operator, you will get a welcome email with an attachment that contains a detailed, step-by-step, instructions about Lane Jumper, and its use. In addition, there is also an instructional video. Finally, we are on call to guide you and answer your questions.

What is the pricing, and how does Lane Jumper collect those fees?

Lane Jumper will charge you a fixed fee every time you set up a new market. In addition, there is a fixed weekly fee, plus a percentage of the previous weekly sales. The fee structure is determined at the time of registration. Entering a Code at the Operator Registration stage will impact this fee. As soon as you register, you will receive an activation email with your pricing structure details, and opportunity to agree to those. Lane jumper will send an automated email to you at the end of every month that details total amount to be charged, and provide you with a link for you to make a credit card payment to Lane Jumper. In the case of non-payment, regular reminders will automatically be sent to the operator.

What is a submarket?

We developed a submarket capability to give the operator the unique ability to, cost-effectively, place and mange markets (i.e. submarkets) in multiple areas within one Location (i.e. building), for example, the Lobby and Top Floor area. Our thinking is that this gives the operator more flexibility in meeting the needs of large Locations. So, in this case, there is a parent market, and two submarkets. Employees just download one app, and indicate which submarket they are at. Product inventory is tracked by submarket (and performance reporting). While these are free (really decreasing your market-per-location cost!) we limit the number of submarkets to 3 per location. But the way, your staff can log in at the market and submarket level to make inventory adjustments while on-site.

How will my user/employees download the app and shop at my market?

Lane Jumper allows your users, or employees, to download an easy to use iPhone or Android mobile payment application to make purchases at your markets. They simply scan your item, and pay using various options, including a virtual prepaid account, called Peak Account (that customers can manage by recharging), individual credit/debit transactions, and payroll deduct (which is not connected to payroll system, but allows you to approve transactions, and obtain/print/email all payroll purchases, and submit for reimbursement). By the way, to a maximize use data security, we never store any financial information, and we are fully PCI compliant.

How do I get paid from Lane Jumper for the sales at my market?

The operator will get deposited the weekly transactions across all of their markets on Lane Jumper. The funds will be deposited based on the bank account information provided during the operator registration stage. The Settlement Amount can be viewed by operator in their dashboard, and it includes all Peak Account Recharges during the week, minus credit/debit interchange fees PLUS, all individual credit/debit transactions during the week minus credit/debit interchange fees. The interchange fees are charged by our card processor, not by us, and they represent small ticket item fees, which are among the lowest available.

How are customer refunds handled?

Lane Jumper highly recommends that all refunds are done in the form of a manual increase, by the operator, to the User’s (i.e. employee) Peak Account balance, or virtual account. We encourage you to communicate this to employees at the time of the launch of the market.

Does your system help me track inventory and indicate how I need to restock my market?

Yes, market quantity on hand tracking takes place real time. This calculates for the operator how much is needed to be restocked for each product.

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