A day in a life of your employee with Lane Jumper.

Brighton is his name, and your company is Smart Solutions Inc.

• 8:30 AM: Brighton walks into the office Monday morning. He rushed this morning out of his house, and didn’t have time for breakfast, or to pack a lunch. That’s too bad, because he knows he will work through lunch today to meet a deadline. Thankfully, he loves the choices at the snack station at work-Smart Solutions Inc. His previous employer did not offer anything cool like this. Brighton decides to add more funds into his virtual account: Peak Account. He clicks on Recharge and adds another $10. He likes the fact that the choices are selected and managed by Smart Solutions Inc. employees who know exactly what they like. But even better, Brighton knows he is paying practically nothing for food, Smart Solutions Inc. sets its own prices, it’s an amazing company perk from Smart Solutions Inc. He mentions this to everyone, admittedly showing off a bit!

• 9:00 AM: He rushes into the breakroom, and looks over the choices. He then scans a few items with his phone to remind him on the price, and settles on a breakfast burrito. He loves it every time he opens his Lane Jumper app and can see the Smart Solutions logo, it’s like his company developed it for them, it’s cool! He then chooses a payment method for the burrito- Pay with Peak Account. He then asks for an e-mail receipt. He’s really happy it took him 10 seconds to make the purchase.

• 12:10 PM: Brighton is really hungry, but he knows can’t take long at all for lunch because he needs to have the presentation done by EOD. Actually, he’s in luck, Smart Solutions Inc has put Lane Jumper snack stations in a number of floors, which is incredibly convenient. So, he walks a few feet. He chooses a bag of healthy chips, a banana and a turkey sandwich. He scans them, and sends them to the shopping cart. He notices he actually has more than expected on his Peak Account. Oh wow!! what a surprise, his boss has actually added a bonus $5 for a job well done on a project last week. Brighton is very happy.

• 3:30 PM: He is busy today, but confident he will have the presentation done by EOD. But, his stomach is growling, time for a snack of some kind. He walks back to the snack station, and chooses an oatmeal cookie, his favorite! This time, he chooses to pay with his PayPal account because it’s already linked to his Lane Jumper app, and he want to use his Visa card to get points! It’s going slow, but he is accumulating them slowly, but surely!

• 4:30 PM: Brighton turns in his presentation, he is happy, and not hungry at all. By the way, there is a new employee he met today. Brighton shows the new employee all about the app; how he can scan a QR code at any snack station, register and download Lane Jumper. He then tells the employee: “hey look, you already have $2 in your Peak Account, that’s because Smart Solutions Inc, automatically funds $2 for all new Lane Jumper downloads, to welcome you!. The new employee is impressed with his new employer! “what should I scan next??”