Our Patent Pending Technology

In a matter of minutes, not days, or weeks, Lane Jumper lets you;

1. Register as a new market operator, or retailer

2. Set up a new market, or store

3. Upload your products

4. Launch your new market and invite customer to download their free iPhone or Android payment app

It has never been this easy and inexpensive to set up a market!

Lane Jumper allows your users, or employees, to download an easy to use iPhone or Android mobile payment application to make purchases at your markets.
They simply scan your item, and pay using various options. By the way, to a maximize use data security, we never store any financial information.
Our easy to use market management system allows you, the operator, to manage and track market, product, and user performance, as well as market restocking. And, as soon as you register, to get you on the right track, you will get access to instructional video and documentation.


Our pricing is affordable and straightforward:

There is an initial fee for each market that you set up in our system. And $0 for up to 4 submarkets in one location. There is a fixed weekly fee component, plus a percentage of weekly sales.

This has several immediate benefits to you:

  • Lower kiosk costs by up to $10K; service fees by close to 50%; and potentially card processing fees
  • Reduce your space requirements for a kiosk and reliance IT approvals; so fewer prospect objections
  • Win more contracts and generate more revenue, by placing multiple markets at one location
  • Offer more options to your users, including payroll payment deduction, and generate a lot more sales
  • Profitably place markets at sites with significant fewer employees, including satellite locations
  • Win more contracts because you offer a unique, cutting-edge solution, that is the future of payments