Our Patent Pending Technology

Why use Lane Jumper as the office snack management system for your Employees?

  1. Independence from snack & food providers; you choose your own food.
  2. You set your prices! Give employees great deals every day!
  3. A sense of ownership for the snack program…employee happiness!
  4. Our system is easy to use!
  5. Complimentary snack package to get started.


“Lane Jumper let’s our employees pay for with a cool mobile app for snacks & catered food that we source ourselves at, or below retail price; the entire program pays for itself…a total success! “— Beth F. Dir. Environmental Engineering – Denver

How Does Lane Jumper Work?

You bring the food. We bring the technology.

Let’s give your employees the best fresh food and snack program possible.

  1. We provide employee with a product payment app and provide you with a product management system.
  2. You set up relationships with any snack and fresh food provider
  3. Together we provide your employees the food they want without the retail markup