A Solution for Office Managers.
You bring the Food. We bring the Technology.

Imagine if you could offer fresh salads, sandwiches, and great snacks at a great price to your employees. Lane Jumper lets you put it all together.
Ditch the vending machines, micro-markets, and expensive snack box companies!
Create your own office food program, tailor made to what your employees really want.


    1. Easily add and manage snack & fresh food products of your choice.
    2. Set your own prices for employees, so subsidize prices to any amount you choose.
    3. Office Managers spend less than 15 minutes a week to manage their awesome program

Lane Jumper allows office managers to take control and personalize their own office fresh food and snack program. Lane Jumper allows office managers to set desired prices for employees. We process the payments and direct deposit all funds to you weekly, minus a $35 fixed fee, it’s simple. We don’t sell food, we are not a food vendor.

Office Managers spend less than 15 minutes a week to manage the program. Setting up Lane Jumper is easy, and you can manage multiple office snack stations throughout your company facility.Lane Jumper is indeed an office snacks game changer. It has revolutionized office snacking, and lets you easily promote healthy foods.


“Lane Jumper let’s our employees pay with a cool mobile app for snacks & catered food that we source ourselves at, or below retail price. The entire program pays for itself… a total success!”

Beth F. Dir.

Environmental Engineering – Denver

Lane Jumper takes your office snack program to the next level.

Add Snack and Fresh Food Variety From Many Vendors:

Why limit your employees to one snack provider? Why not start to offer fresh food, not just snacks? Lane Jumper is the tool that can help you manage multiple vendors, each with their own strengths and weakness. Start offering real fresh food and snacks for all tastes. You don’t need to limit yourself to one snack office provider. You are in control!

Add Insight into your Snack and Fresh Food Program by Tracking Performance:

You will be amazed at what you will learn from your employees’ behavior, and how many opportunities will arise to improve your program. For example, learn how many employees purchase items, when and how often? which items are most popular? What is the cost and return of each vendor, snack station and overall program?

Add Greater Flexibility to Snack and Fresh Food Program Pricing and Location:

Lane Jumper lets you set your own prices, and ability to subsidize your program to any level you want. Also, so you improve employee convenience and cater to different tastes, you can also set up and easily manage multiple snack and food stations throughout your facility.

Add Greater Employee Satisfaction from More Variety, Locations & Rewards Program:

More employee satisfaction will come from having greater input into product selection; from the convenience of using a company-branded, mobile payment app, and multiple food stations; and from a rewards program, where managers can add money into the employee’s virtual pre-paid account!


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