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A self-checkout Mobile Payment & Product Management System

Under the Peak Fresh Markets brand, we grew quickly by establishing a significant presence in the vending micro market space. We then decided to sell our locations and launch Lane Jumper, now a Patent Pending technology. We did this because we felt we could effectively address technology gaps that keep operators from really jumping on an even faster growth curve, in terms of the number of locations and market profitability.

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Some Lane Jumper highlights are the following:

For the first time, it offers operators and retailers a self-branded mobile product scan & go option

Gives your customers and users maximum speed, flexibility and accessibility to your products

Dramatically increases speed-to-market through our self-service operator/retailer set-up process

Lowers your typical self-service kiosk costs by about 80%, from current $6K-10K

Lowers your typical 5%-7% monthly service fees by about 40%

Does away with IT reliance, equipment connectivity/security issues, and lengthy installation periods

Expands options substantially by allowing you to profitably service lower employee-count locations

Offers a new and unique technology that gives you a sustainable competitive advantage

Dramatically shortens your sales cycle and increases market margins

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“Lane Jumper is a great micro market management tool. It has allowed us to open markets and submarkets quickly and cost-effectively. Plus, our users love the fact that they can now buy using their phone, which they think it adds speed… definitely a wow factor!”
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